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Leading Digital Agency Stanoz Designs Partners with Chat2Desk to Revolutionize CRM, Digital Marketing and Customer Care in Nigeria

Stanoz Designs

Company Representative:
Stanley Ozuzu
Founder and CEO
[email protected]

Owerri, Imo - 10/08/2023

Stanoz Designs, a well-respected player in the digital agency realm, is excited to reveal its strategic collaboration with Chat2Desk, an advanced Omnichannel Chat Messenger Software provider. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the landscape of customer relationship management (CRM), digital marketing, and client support, extending an exclusive opportunity for Nigerian enterprises to harness the potential of comprehensive digital strategies.

Renowned for its outstanding proficiency in web design, SEO, digital marketing, branding and logo design, and IT consultation, Stanoz Designs’ commitment to aiding businesses in establishing a robust online footprint perfectly aligns with Chat2Desk’s innovative suite.

Chat2Desk’s sophisticated Chat Messenger Software encompasses a range of features such as CRM integration, chatbots, business process automation, WhatsApp Business API, online chat, operator management, internal analytics, and a dynamic Chat Center to revolutionize customer interaction and support.

By pooling their expertise, Stanoz Designs and Chat2Desk empower enterprises to forge deeper relationships with their clientele, optimize their digital marketing approaches, and elevate client support to unprecedented heights. This partnership facilitates seamless integration between digital marketing initiatives and state-of-the-art CRM capabilities, laying the foundation for enriched client insights, personalized engagements, and streamlined workflows.

“In today’s digital panorama, a comprehensive strategy for client interaction is crucial, spanning from initial brand touchpoints to continuous assistance,” stated Stanley Ozuzu, Founder and CEO of Stanoz Designs. “Our alliance with Chat2Desk equips us to furnish businesses with a comprehensive toolkit for excelling in CRM, digital marketing, and client support.”

Danil Kasyanov, Manager of Partnerships and Business Development at Chat2Desk, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “Teaming up with Stanoz Designs allows us to bring about a transformative shift in how enterprises connect and interact with their audience. Our integrated solutions will empower businesses to spur growth, reinforce brand loyalty, and deliver extraordinary customer experiences.”

Businesses seeking to enrich their online presence, optimize client interactions, and drive progress in Nigeria can now harness the synergy between Stanoz Designs and Chat2Desk. This collaboration sets the stage for a new era in CRM, digital marketing, and client support, where ingenuity converges with expertise to propel businesses toward unparalleled triumph.

About Stanoz Designs

Stanoz Designs is a creative digital agency that assists small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), visionary entrepreneurs, and various businesses in constructing and overseeing their online existence, fostering growth, and amplifying earnings. Our array of solutions encompasses crafting digital landscapes, encompassing website architecture, online marketing, SEO mastery, brand cultivation, and logo innovation, alongside expert IT advisory provisions. With an attentive approach, our offerings are meticulously customized to cater to the distinct requirements of each business, empowering our clients to thrive in the online realm and maintain a leading edge in the dynamic digital arena.