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Array Innovative Services Marks 15 Years Milestone and Unveils Array Ventures

Array Innovative Services

Company Representative:
Samik Bodhak
Marketing Executive
[email protected]

Kolkata, West Bengal - 17/08/2023

Array Innovative Services Pvt. Ltd., an industry trailblazer in championing and investing in inventive products and services, commemorates its remarkable 15-year odyssey by introducing an exciting new chapter: the inauguration of Array Ventures. This pivotal launch coincides with the company’s anniversary and signifies a momentous stride in its unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation within the startup realm.

Over the past decade and a half, Array Innovative Services Pvt. Ltd. has played a pivotal role in shaping the startup landscape. Its endeavors have garnered significant triumphs; noteworthily, PresentationGFX has risen to become a global leader in visual communications design services, while BPlan Experts has established itself as a premier business planning and startup consultancy firm. The introduction of Array Ventures serves as a resounding testament to the persistent dedication and unwavering support of Array Innovative in propelling startups from conception to fruition.

Speaking about this remarkable journey, Arnab Ray, CEO of Array Innovative, shared, “Our 15-year narrative has been punctuated by an unrelenting pursuit of innovation and an enduring commitment to fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship. Through the launch of Array Ventures, we inaugurate a new epoch—one aimed at revolutionizing the startup ecosystem by furnishing essential resources and backing for nascent ventures to flourish.”

Array Ventures, an exclusive studio specializing in nurturing early-stage startups, is founded with a resolute vision of fostering and empowering burgeoning enterprises. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, seasoned guidance, and equity-based investments through services, Array Ventures aspires to expedite the growth of innovative concepts and morph them into impactful enterprises.

At the core of Array Ventures’ mission lies the aspiration to be an avant-garde catalyst for innovation. By identifying, conceptualizing, advocating, executing, and scaling ventures that offer pioneering products or services, Array Ventures aspires to spearhead the trajectory of entrepreneurial evolution.

Array Ventures stands as an accomplice to innovative startups, providing a unique amalgamation of funding and expert services across the entire startup lifecycle. The spectrum of offerings includes pivotal aspects such as feasibility analysis, business blueprinting, pitch deck creation, mentorship, strategic counsel, funding facilitation, implementation bolstering, digital marketing, brand establishment, website development, and MVP/POC cultivation.

Array Ventures comprehends the importance of investing in ingenious startups that hold the potential to transform markets. Investments in the form of services are provided in the range of approximately ₹5 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs, spanning an investment horizon of 6 months to 2 years, with equity dilution spanning from 5% to 25%.

Sauvik Banerjee, COO at Array Innovative, articulated the company’s vision, stating, “Entrepreneurial spirit courses through the veins of Array Innovative—whether it’s in delivering exemplary services, fostering robust client relationships, or how our teams function. As we commemorate 15 impactful years, we peer forward with enthusiasm toward the horizon, where Array Ventures will further amplify our dedication to comprehensive support for high-potential startups.”

Array Ventures extends a warm invitation to enterprising visionaries to partake in their voyage of innovation and expansion. Armed with a diverse array of services encompassing feasibility assessment, mentorship, funding support, branding, and more, Array Ventures aspires to pave the way for startups to thrive in a fiercely competitive landscape.

About Array Innovative Services

Array Innovative Services functions as a dynamic conglomerate that champions, funds, and brings to life enterprises offering cutting-edge and inventive offerings. The inception of the Array brand traces back to 2004 when it unveiled its inaugural endeavor, Array Media Graphics & Systems. This success story was soon followed by the establishment of Array Consultancy Services in 2008. The subsequent evolution saw the integration of these entities into a privately held entity in September 2014, known as Array Innovative Services Pvt Ltd. Within the portfolio of Array Innovative Services, an array of ventures flourishes, including but not limited to BPlanExperts, PresentationGFX, Crazy About Startups, Vezume, Xprez.io, Alumnyx, iLogyx, and Market ResearchR.