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SmeBizz Books

Company Representative:
Babli Dadwal
Marketing and Distribution
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Noida, Delhi - 12/08/2023

SmeBizz Books, a prominent Publishing House, is orchestrating a transformation within the publishing realm by introducing an all-encompassing array of budget-friendly services finely tuned to uplift aspiring and debutant authors. Specializing adeptly in both E-book and Print Book publication, the firm offers end-to-end solutions encompassing book cover design, formatting, E-book and Print Book printing, as well as fortified marketing and sales bolstering via their dedicated e-commerce hub, www.smebiz.online.

Countless gifted writers harbor aspirations of their prose gracing tangible pages, but the conventional publishing journey often presents an imposing and costly voyage. Acknowledging the essential support required by budding authors, SmeBizz Books is committed to democratizing the publishing landscape, making it more accessible and economical for all.

Leveraging a user-centric approach, SmeBizz Books streamlines the self-publishing process into an uncomplicated endeavor. Aspiring authors can seamlessly navigate the array of publishing services, cherry-picking the ones aligning seamlessly with their requirements and financial constraints. Be it sculpting a spellbinding book cover, professionally formatting manuscripts, or actualizing E-books and Print Books, SmeBizz Books orchestrates each phase meticulously.

Furthermore, SmeBizz Books extends a digital platform for authors to present and vend their literary creations through their dedicated online marketplace, www.smebiz.online. This digital emporium widens the authors’ reach, facilitating sales of both E-books and Print Books within a unified platform.

However, SmeBizz Books’ ambit stretches beyond mere publication. Comprehending the vital role of marketing in the digital epoch, the enterprise assists authors in cultivating their virtual presence via rudimentary digital marketing endeavors. Harnessing the influence of News Channels and Social Media Platforms, SmeBizz Books ensures the nascent publications garner initial visibility and captivate potential readers.

“Founded with the vision of nurturing ingenuity and propelling aspiring authors to breathe life into their literary visions, SmeBizz Books stands by the belief that each narrative warrants an audience,” affirmed Indu Digal, Editor. “Our aspiration is to render an all-encompassing and cost-effective platform, empowering authors to disseminate their tales across the globe. Our Starter Pack commences at a modest Rs 4999/.”

In light of SmeBizz Books’ commitment to excellence, affordability, and impeccable customer care, the establishment has promptly evolved into the preferred publishing collaborator for a multitude of emerging authors. Writers have commended the enterprise’s transparent pricing structure and the seamless engagement with a committed cadre of professionals.

For additional insights into SmeBizz Books and the spectrum of publishing and marketing amenities on offer, please visit www.smebiz.online or get in touch via [email protected].

About SmeBizz Books

SmeBizz Books stands as an innovative Publishing House, dedicated to catering E-book and Print Book publishing solutions at an economical rate, especially tailored for emerging and debutant writers. Priding itself on its commitment to excellence, affordability, and top-tier customer service, SmeBizz Books emboldens authors in bringing their imaginative concepts to life. A complete affiliate of Call Planets Apps Solutions LLP, SmeBizz Books operates with this strong backing.