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Delivering High Performance Low Latency Solutions With 10G UDP Offload Engine and TOE in FPGA

Intilop Corporation

Company Representative:
Kelly Masood
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Intilop Corporation Leads the Way in Advanced Network Performance Solutions

Milpitas, California - 02/01/2024

Intilop Corporation, a trailblazer in advanced network performance solutions, continues to set industry standards by harnessing the power of FPGA and low latency UDP hardware offload. For several years, the company has been at the forefront of delivering robust network performance solutions globally. The cornerstone of Intilop Corporation’s success lies in its cutting-edge 10G UDP offload engine and low latency TOE in FPGA, providing customers with unparalleled performance solutions.

Intilop Corporation specializes in designing and manufacturing a range of high-performance network solutions, prominently featuring the 10G UDP offload engine and low latency TOE in FPGA. Leveraging the capabilities of FPGA, the company delivers optimal solutions that enhance network performance and facilitate low latency communication. Intilop Corporation is also committed to supporting the latest protocols, including UDP, TCP, and optical communication.

10G UDP Offload Engine

The Intilop Corporation 10G UDP offload engine is engineered for high-speed networking and low latency communication. This solution incorporates a high-performance hardware offload engine designed to accelerate UDP-based communication. The hardware offload engine significantly reduces network latency and amplifies throughput, establishing itself as a powerful solution for high-performance networks.

Low Latency TOE in FPGA

The low latency TOE in FPGA offers an optimal solution for high-performance and low-latency networks. This solution utilizes a robust hardware offload engine that accelerates TCP/IP-based communication. The hardware offload engine dramatically reduces network latency and enhances throughput, providing a formidable solution for high-performance networks.

Innovation and Customization

Intilop Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of its customers, helping them stay ahead of the competition. The company offers customization services to assist customers in optimizing their systems based on specific requirements. In addition, Intilop Corporation provides onsite support, technical documentation, and training services to ensure customer satisfaction.

About Intilop Corporation

As the leader in advanced network solutions, Intilop Corporation leverages the power of FPGA and low latency UDP offload engines to deliver effective solutions for applications ranging from high-speed networking to industrial automation. The company continues to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions.